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How long in advance should the shipment be requested?

In general, we recommend planning the transport of the car one or two weeks in advance. We depart up to four times a week from our branch in Murcia and the establishment in Düsseldorf. If the transport of the vehicle is going to be carried out outside our usual routes, we can plan it better if you give us a longer waiting time.

Requests should be made no more than a month in advance if possible, preferably within two weeks, as seasonal changes may affect current prices.

Open-Air or Enclosed Auto Transport?

You may have seen at a car dealership that new cars are delivered by open truck. Nearly all vehicles are transported by open trucks, designed for car transport because it is economical and safe.

We have drivers specially trained to transport vehicles and own vehicle carrier trucks, which have car carrier trailers specially manufactured for the transport of vehicles. All our trucks are equipped with extendable and folding platforms for safe and convenient transport. For cars with a height of up to 1.50 meters, 7 to 10 vehicles can be transported.

The open transport solution with special trucks for car transport is safe and in most cases more efficient and economical than the closed variant.

What types of vehicles can be transported?

From small cars to motorhomes, we transport (almost) everything. Our range of services also includes the transport of sports cars and limousines, vintage cars, agricultural machinery, quads, ATVs, UTVs and motorcycles.

We can find a transport solution for almost any type of vehicle with a weight of up to three tons.

How much does the transportation of a car cost?

The total amount of international transport is made up of several requirements. Essentially, the distance between the pick-up location and the drop-off location plays a role. If the truck cannot drive directly to the loading point and an alternative loading point location is not possible, a tow truck may need to be booked. The type of vehicle, dimensions and weight as well as the condition of the vehicle are also decisive.

If you wish to have your car picked up earlier with temporary storage or additional insurance, additional costs will apply.

For a non-binding offer to transport your vehicle from Spain to Germany, Benelux countries or vice versa, simply fill out our FORM.

How do I prepare my vehicle for transportation?

Our employees check the condition of your vehicle and note this on the transport documents. If you want to contribute to the safety of your car transport, you can consider a few points in advance.

As a precaution, you can take notes, possibly with images, and identify any abnormalities.

Please check the filling quantities and make sure that they correspond to the manufacturer's recommended levels. If you notice any liquid leaks, please have them repaired before loading the vehicle onto the truck. The tire pressure should also be checked and corrected if necessary.

Remove all valuables and personal items from your vehicle. If necessary, loose parts can be stored or secured.

How does car transport between Spain and Germany work?

If you have chosen us as a competent and experienced car transport company, we look forward to transporting your vehicle soon.

At the pick-up location, we will take your vehicle and create a vehicle condition report, whereby the contact person whose photo ID we need will receive an appropriate transport document. To ensure that your vehicle reaches its destination unharmed, we attach great importance to transport safety during loading. When it is delivered to its destination, you or the person responsible will accept the vehicle without damage.

This is how car transport works:

  • Auto Transport Information – The easiest way to get an optimal offer is through our FORM. We will advise you on your request and we will be happy to clarify your doubts
  • Offer / Invoice – You will receive the offer and confirm it, after which you will receive our invoice. After receiving the payment, we will immediately send you a confirmation message. We can now schedule your vehicle for transportation, after which we will confirm a possible date that works best for you.
  • Handover / loading – Our driver will pick up your vehicle or you can bring the car to us for charging. We prepare the shipping document (CMR) and verify the condition of the vehicle with you and record it in writing before departure, including the presentation of a photo ID (+ copy).
  • Arrival / Pick up Your vehicle arrives at its destination where you or your contact person can check that it is in good condition by unloading it and confirming receipt.

More Questions & Answers

FAQ - Frequently asked questions Vehicle transport

Who do we transport vehicles for?
Whether for individuals or companies, we have been carrying out reliable car transport between Spain and Germany for many years. Our client base is diverse and multisectoral.

We drive for private clients such as collectors, campers and long-term vacationers, as well as car clubs, agencies, exhibitors, freight forwarders, car dealers and car distributors, motor sports industry, car rental companies, companies leasing and much more.


Can my car be transported even cheaper?
With direct delivery and collection at the establishments in Murcia and at our cooperation partner in Düsseldorf and loading by car transporter, we offer the most economical transport option for your vehicle.

This reduces the effort for us and you save additional money.

"Vehicle transports beyond the borders..."

Specializing in car transport for 20 years, we deliver competently between Spain, France, Germany and the Benelux countries.