Transport Oldtimer & classic cars

From Spain to Germany, Benelux countries and vice versa

Transport of oldtimers and youngtimers by car carrier

Especially when it comes to moving a special vehicle over longer distances such as Spain-Germany, a professional car transporter is the right choice. In addition to the time saved, the automobile is spared unnecessary wear and tear. In addition, dangers on the road and annoying situations such as breakdowns are excluded from the outset. It is not uncommon for vehicles from older years to offer too little storage space and the comfort to cover long distances. Often these are simply too good to cover long distances.

Whether to Spain or vice versa, we carry out trips several times a week between the Iberian Peninsula and Germany, France and the Benelux countries. As a car transport company, we offer private and business customers particularly advantageous conditions in this transport area.

Valuable freight: Youngtimers, vintage cars and other historical vehicles

Young and oldtimers are often more than an investment. For many, these vehicles are associated with beautiful and unforgettable memories. Epoch vehicles also reflect the unique spirit of the times of an unmistakable era. It is not uncommon for classic and vintage car lovers to drive their vehicles with passion or for joy.

We are also aware of all of this during transport, which is why we take a concise approach, especially when handling young and oldtimers for the transfer from loading to unloading, and pay attention to proper transport security.

How much does Spain classic car transport cost?

What are the transport costs for my classic car? How much will it cost to transport classic cars to Spain or vice versa?

Often the transport solution by collective transport is one of the cheapest options. The transport price is mainly made up of the pick-up and delivery location, distance, vehicle dimensions, condition and weight and transport date. Using our transport request form, we calculate the cost of transporting your classic car to and from Spain.

Is your classic vehicle ready to load?

Why ship classics with us?

Our trucks, which are specially designed for car transport, have optimal security options for proper vehicle transport. Even when delivering new cars to dealerships, this is a proven and cost-effective method of transportation.

Therefore, as a long-standing and specialized service provider for international vehicle transfers, we rely exclusively on this form of transport. It often requires special attention when transporting historic vehicles. We have the means and the experience to do classic transport properly!

With us, your classic car is in the best of hands.

"Vehicle transports beyond the borders..."

Specializing in car transport for 20 years, we deliver competently between Spain, France, Germany and the Benelux countries.